Creative Genius

Reese is 15 years old and has always had a knack for creating elaborate forts, sock animals, Lego structures and more.  She loves everything wacky, crazy, and weird!  Reese loves all animals, but she's especially fond of dogs, cows, horses, donkeys and bearded dragons.  In her free time she enjoys training her dog Henry.  He tries really hard to convince her to just nap on the couch with him instead. Reese loves archery, riding horses and has been working with Birdie, an American Milking Devon, at the National Colonial Farm in MD.  A portion of her profits are donated to some of her favorite animal rescue groups.  When Reese grows up she hopes to work with animals as a trainer or animal control officer. 


Reese's Chaos Coordinator

Liz assists Reese in running the business side of things and is in charge of naming Reese's creations. She's hoping Reese will buy her a plane ticket to Hawaii when she makes it big.

Alexandria, VA, USA

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